About Us

The aspect of our company that differentiates us is our attention to detail and the focus to produce a truly customized orthotic.

Fit Right Orthotics was started in 2013. Formerly known as CA Sweeney Custom Orthotics, as the company grew it was decided a name change would better represent the product we were producing. After many years of working with several companies and experimenting with different means of casting moulds to develop a custom orthotic, Carol Ann discovered that the Amfit technology was the one that enabled her to manufacture the best product.

With the 3D capability to cast a persons’ foot, utilizing the contact digitizer, the digital image produced allowed her to make adjustments more accurately to meet each customer's individual concerns and unique foot structure. Over time, Carol Ann developed a following of clientele who became accustomed to her personal touch and superior product, regardless of the clinic she was working in. That prompted her to head out on her own and start “Fit Right Orthotics”.

The uniqueness of her company allows her to develop very valuable and appreciated partners. The partners have the luxury of providing their clients with the great personal touch and product Carol Ann’s company brings. Together each company, along with Fit Right Orthotics are able to assist patients in returning to a fully healthy lifestyle with a holistic approach. Fit Right Orthotics hopes to grow in such a way that their services are available to anybody throughout HRM with a location close to home.

CUstom orthotic assessment

Functionality Assessment

Assessing functionality of your feet & lower legs and providing a gait assessment (evaluating how you walk or run).

Digitized 3D Mould

Utilizing a state of the art digitizer obtain a 3D mould of your feet.

Recommended Treatment

Educating you about your feet or lower limb condition and the recommended treatment.

Footwear & Fitting

Educating you on footwear selection and proper fitting that is appropriate for your foot type and problems.

On-Site Orthotics Manufacturing

Digitized Mould

We input the 3D digitized mould of your feet into our milling machine. Any required personalized adjustments are done on screen prior to milling.


A fully customized orthotic base is manufactured from the mill. Specific materials are adhered to the base depending on the requirements of your condition.

On-Site Lab

The final product is a fully customized orthotic which is unique to each client. The luxury of having our own lab enables us to follow you from assessment to manufacturing, to fitting.


This ensures exact customization for everybody we see. Any required adjustments can be done in a time efficient manner.
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