Wear and Care

Inserting your orthotics

If possible, remove the insoles from your footwear before inserting your orthotics (particularly if your orthotics are full length). Make sure you guide the orthotics in to the end of the shoe and then push them down to fit the bottom of the shoe. Do not fold your orthotics when inserting them in your footwear. To remove them from your shoes, grab the inside arch of the orthotic.

Break your orthotics in slowly

The first day wear your orthotics for one-hour maximum. Add an hour of wear each successive day until you are wearing your orthotics all day. If you experience discomfort, reduce the wearing time by ½ hour. If you are developing blisters or major discomfort, contact your health care professional for a possible adjustment appointment.


In some cases, orthotics may have to be adjusted. Everyone reacts differently to orthotic treatment. If you feel an adjustment is necessary, contact the clinic for an appointment. We usually suggest that you wear the orthotics for three weeks before an adjustment should be made. However, every situation varies, if you are unsure; contact your Pedorthist to discuss your concerns.


Do not wear your orthotics during exercise until you have been wearing the orthotics for at least one week all day. You may experience different sensations during exercise. You should wear the orthotics slowly at first during exercise, such as 1/3 or exercise time, 2/3 or exercise time and progress to the full exercise time.


Your orthotics should not be submerged in water or exposed to direct heat. If you would like to clean your orthotics, simply wipe them with a damp cloth or powder.

Dogs and some cats like to chew on orthotics

Please keep them out of their reach.


You should have your orthotics checked every two years. They may require repair, replacement or your feet may have changed


Please keep them out of their reach.There are different styles of orthotics available. If you wear many different styles of shoes, you may benefit from more than one pair of orthotics. You can discuss this with your Pedorthist. We typically recommend that you wear your new orthotics for at least one month before ordering a second pair. If you were given plaster casts by your Pedorthist, keep them for future pairs of orthotics.


Your foot orthotics are custom made for you and therefore are a nonrefundable product. There is, however, a one year warranty for adjustments and repairs which may be required from normal wear.


Under normal circumstances, your Orthotics will require minor repairs, such as new top covers, extensions, and heel posts. These components will wear out at varying rates depending on activity and body weight. Please understand that after one year there will be a charge for repairs. Rates will vary depending on repairs required.
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